In the pursuit of strength or aesthetics related goals often the limiting factor is the inability to effectively execute the programme perfectly. I have been told many times that programmes that have been written by high level trainers do not work, however the case tends to be that it is not the right programme at the right time for that person. By that I mean that they either do not possess the required strength levels or skill level to properly execute the individual concepts of that plan.

I aim to give you some knowledge and tools to help you understand how a programme works, how to make your programmes better and ultimately improve your journey in the pursuit of your goals. Coaching/training is a science and an art. Meaning that a lot of the information is based on concepts and principles that you can apply with various methods, rather than hard and fast list of dos and don’ts.

There are many paths to the same destination. From 10 years of experience, I have found that no matter the path you take if you stay true to it and execute it to the best of your ability then you will no doubt achieve results. However, not all paths are created equal and there are some that are better than others. Following a few simple rules and sticking to principles of training will help to keep you on the right one.

You may have seen someone successfully become lean, gain muscle, or get stronger and you cannot see what they have differently. It is most likely that they have executed their training and nutrition protocols better or for longer than you have. Whatever your goal is, the two most important points to remember are:

  1. Consistency – do not give up too early just because you have not yet seen results.
  2. Adaption – if you are struggling to get results after a period, analyse what you have been doing and adapt it to improve. Then refer to point 1.

I have been training for over 10 years, and whilst I have improved the quality of my training, for those 10 years I have been in the gym at least 4-5 times every week, every month, and every year consistently (excluding holidays and illness). However, I still have a long way to go and the only way to get where I want to be is to spend the next 10,15,20 years working hard and improving, 4-5 times every week, every month, every year.

“Success leaves clues”

Charles Poliquin