The Scottish Strength Coach App is available to download on iOS and Android

The Strength System Coach is a platform to allow us to provide your training programme, communicate, and provide support - all in the most convenient way possible.

Designed by Sebastian Oreb (otherwise known as the Australian Strength Coach), this software helps us provide programs with a proven track record of world-class results, straight to your phones.

All our Personal Training and Online Training Clients have full access to the app, which includes your full training programme, video guidance and lifting tips.

  • Available to download for iOS and Android
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Video Guidance for all lifts and exercises
  • Description and advice included
  • Leave comments and communicate with your trainer

Virtual Training

£140 per month
  • Structured training via Strength System App, designed & created by the Australian Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb
  • Over 250 Exercises with video demonstration & description
  • Communicate through the app with comments and notes
  • WhatsApp communications with coach.
  • Phone call options available
  • Detailed video analysis of lifts
  • 1 free in person coaching session included
  • Discount on additional 121 sessions

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