Being able to make up an effective session or phase of training on the spot takes years of experience. However, training sessions are not separate entities, what you do today will influence and impact what you do tomorrow and the days after. Just like what you did yesterday, a week ago or a month ago is affecting what you are doing now. Everything you do has an interrelation; this is essentially what program design and periodisation is. Plan your training in accordance with what your long-term goals are.

Picking random sets, reps, weights, and exercises just because they look good on Instagram is the best way to not see the results you desire.

Use a 4-day split. Divide your training up into only 4 days. It does not matter what your goal is, this is an ideal number of training days per week to enable maximum recovery.

Intelligently select exercises to ensure all points of the strength curve are adequately trained. Doing an exercise for the sake of doing an exercise is not the answer – cut out the ones that are wasting your time.

Update your plan every 4 weeks, address the weak points you have discovered with a different variation. If your plan was not successful, it does not matter; it is changing anyway, and you will have learned how to make it better.

Progressive overload. Ensure your program includes this principle. If you are not progressing each week then your body will not be adapting, and you will not be moving towards your desired results.

Be conservative with your load selection. There is plenty of time to lift the big numbers, stick with the plan and in the end, you will be stronger and injury free.

If your technique sucks, then your program sucks!!

It does not matter who wrote your program – if you fail to execute it properly then you will not get the results you are looking for. You could paint a wall with your toothbrush, but the result will not be what you wanted. Learn how to lift correctly and be conservative with your load selection to avoid technical breakdown. The bigger numbers will come – be patient!

The good news is that if your technique is good and your program sucks then you will still be able to achieve some decent results. Your program can be easily altered every 4 weeks to ensure progress occurs. Basing your program around improving technique will help you to correctly select exercises to develop the areas in which you are weak. Creating a well-rounded physique with development of all muscle groups in structural balance.

“If you cant define it or act upon it, forget it”

Tim Ferris